Business Intelligence

  • BI means gaining empirical insight into marketing, finance, operations and human resources.  Two types of business intelligence were (a) Management Information Systems (MIS), a relatively fixed-format, periodic report, and (b) Decision Support Systems (DSS), a "what-if" tool limited to specific types of questions, such as pricing, promotions and special offers.  MIS and DSS have tended to merge over time, producing an array of modern day BI systems. 
  • BI programs now have the goal of combining broad reporting capabilities - flexible, yet enabling insightful periodic reports - with the ability to test hypothetical outcomes of different approaches to business challenges.  The result has been some great packaged software platforms, such as Tableau, IBM Cognos, and social media engines.

  • At Morgan Analytics, we deliver consulting, design and build services for both end-users and primary suppliers of BI programs:
  • Assess existing systems, even those now relying solely on SQL, and offer independent recommendations of BI software platforms from among the many types available.
  • Provide a conduit for acquisition, installation, and fresh builds/rebuilds of Business Information systems to fit squarely with the needs of the user/client, its subsidiaries and its headquarters.
  • Evaluate requirements and provide comparisons among build-your-own and off-the shelf products.